An asset purchase agreement (APA) is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions for the sale of assets between two parties. The APA closing is a crucial step in the transaction process and requires careful attention and planning. A checklist can help ensure that all necessary steps are taken and all important items are accounted for.

Here is an asset purchase agreement closing checklist to follow:

1. Review the APA: Before beginning any closing tasks, it is essential to review the APA to ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding the terms and conditions of the agreement.

2. Obtain Necessary Approvals: Depending on the terms of the APA, certain approvals may be required before closing. This can include obtaining approvals from shareholders, board members, or regulatory agencies.

3. Complete Due Diligence: The buyer should have conducted thorough due diligence on the assets being purchased, but it is important to review the process and ensure that all necessary information has been gathered.

4. Finalize the Purchase Price: The purchase price should be finalized based on the terms outlined in the APA. This can include any adjustments or contingencies that were included in the agreement.

5. Draft Closing Documents: Closing documents should be drafted, reviewed, and signed by all parties. This can include bills of sale, promissory notes, and other necessary legal documentation.

6. Transfer Assets: Once all documents are signed and approved, the buyer should take possession of the assets being purchased. This can include physical transfer of assets, transferring ownership of intellectual property, and other related items.

7. Pay the Purchase Price: The buyer should fulfill the payment terms outlined in the APA, including any deposits, payments, or other financial arrangements.

8. Notify Third Parties: Depending on the terms of the APA, it may be necessary to notify third parties of the transaction, including customers, suppliers, and other relevant parties.

9. Wrap Up Loose Ends: Any loose ends related to the transaction should be addressed at this time, including closing out accounts, transferring contracts, and other related items.

Following this asset purchase agreement closing checklist can help ensure a smooth and successful transaction. It is important to consult with legal and financial professionals throughout the process to ensure that all necessary steps are taken and all legal requirements are met.